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Selling Your Alpacas is ready and available to assist you with selling your alpacas. With over twenty (20) years combined experience in online liquidating, alpaca farming and herd reduction, we are your premier choice for online auction sales. Whether you are selling your entire herd or just a select few, we will make the transition very smooth for you.

Here is how the process works:

Contact either by email:, or phone: 765-965-2680. will respond within one (1) business day to discuss your needs. We stand ready to assist.

Our service includes the following features:

  • Free consultation to develop a detailed digital inventory including photographs and a written description for each alpaca to be auctioned.
  • Posting of photos and details of all alpacas on the web complete with alpaca item numbers.
  • Handling the promotion your auction to insure a successful auction result.
  • Recommending a marketing strategy and help you determine the required amount of time needed to market your auction.
  • Explaining the simple fee schedule for our services as well as an agreement to be signed by the seller and
  • Providing the seller with a detailed inventory of all alpacas to be auctioned.
  • Preparing photos and bios for display on the auction on
  • Marketing the auction to the best of our ability. We will market via numerous means such as direct mail, newspaper, internet and telemarketing.

Inspection. Generally previews are by appointment only. Bidders will come to your site to inspect the alpacas. It is very important to have all of the alpacas looking as clean and presentable as possible.

Auction End. Each listing (alpaca) in the auction will be staggered at the closing of the auction. Listings will close every 3 minutes. If there is a bid in the last 3 minutes of the auction, that alpaca's listing will be extended another 3 minutes and this will continue to extend as long as there are bids being placed. This prevents someone from placing a bid at the very end without giving another bidder an opportunity to make a counter offer.

Invoice Processing. At the conclusion of the auction, will process the winning bidder's payment via the credit card information provided at registration. Receipts will be emailed to the winning bidders.

Report. will email the seller a detailed report listing every alpaca and the final sale price. We also will provide a detailed report on all of the alpacas that have been sold and paid for.

Removal. The winning bidders must bring the sales receipt in order to pick up the alpacas. The buyers are responsible for removal of all alpacas. The removal is by appointment only. Any alpacas not picked up during the scheduled dates/times will be considered abandoned. All buyers will sign acknowledging pickup for each alpaca.

Payment. will send the disbursement check for all proceeds, minus our fees, within 15 business days of the auction's end and/or asset removal.